At Filos Health, we take immense pride in our dedicated team of partnered healthcare providers, each deeply committed to delivering excellence in care. Collaborating seamlessly with our team, our providers bring extensive experience to the table, ensuring accurate results and personalized attention for every patient.

From our compassionate and efficient phlebotomists offering at-home blood collection services to our skilled laboratory technicians utilizing cutting-edge equipment, each member plays a pivotal role in our mission to transform healthcare accessibility.

With an unwavering focus on quality, reliability, and patient-centered care, our providers embody the core values that propel Filos Health forward. We warmly invite you to meet our exceptional providers that we partner with and witness firsthand the positive impact of our services. Meet some of our providers here, reach us to get more information!

Testimonials can be found here. If you’re interested in partnering with us and facilitating patient at-home blood draws, please visit this link.

Newly featured PROVIDER:

Everest Goldstein M.Ed, MSN, PMHNP-BC, IFMCP